Mediation & Arbitration

Registered Family Law Mediators and Arbitrators in Atlanta

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Alternative dispute resolution methods, like mediation and arbitration, are used to resolve matters outside of litigation. In mediation, the family law mediator works directly with the parties to find a resolution to the issues. Mediation is often court ordered, but parties can also decide to mediate voluntarily. In arbitration, the arbitrator reviews the evidence provided by both parties and makes a decision. Whether it’s divorce, child support or a different family issue, mediation and arbitration are civil and cost-effective ways of settling a dispute.

What is Mediation

In mediation, the two parties meet with a neutral third party. Each side discusses their issues and informally presents any evidence. The purpose of mediation is to work towards solutions that adequately address the issues and desires from both sides. The neutral mediator is there to facilitate settlement discussions among the parties and their attorneys. If an agreement is not reached, the parties will proceed to trial or may request another mediation. It’s important to note that during a mediation, the parties are in joint control of the terms of settlement, but in trial the judge has full control of the outcome. 

Family law mediators sit at a table with clients as all parties sign legal paperwork

When searching for the right mediator, consider a few qualities. It’s important to choose a mediator who has experience with your type of case. If both parties are passionate about their positions, perhaps you’ll need a mediator who can handle strong opinions. Remember: the parties make the agreement; the mediator cannot make any final decisions regarding your case.

What is Arbitration

In arbitration, both sides meet with a family law arbitrator who reviews the evidence presented by both sides of the case and makes a decision for the parties. The arbitrator is a neutral third-party with no personal or professional connection to the case.  

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